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Why Buy a Certified Pre-owned Car?

Why Buy a Certified Pre-owned Car?

There are several types of pre-owned vehicles. If you are currently looking for a pre-owned car, it is likely that you have heard about certified pre-owned vehicles. These offer several advantages over regular pre-owned vehicles. Let's look at this with three benefits that are only offered on certified pre-owned vehicles.

Extended warranties

Certified pre-owned vehicles are always offered with an extended warranty. They also offer several different extended warranty options with various terms and mileage limits. This gives you several different options to ensure your peace of mind.

A complete inspection

Before being certified, a vehicle must pass a complete inspection that covers all major components of the vehicle. This warranty is your protection and ensures that you always get a quality vehicle that has been repaired if needed.

Reduced interest rates

The reduced interest rates on certified pre-owned vehicles are certainly a considerable benefit buyers get with the purchase of this type of vehicle. With a certified pre-owned vehicle, you get interest rates similar to what we find on a new vehicle, which is below 5.0%. Your monthly payment will be much lower than what you find on a regular pre-owned car.

Certified pre-owned vehicles are also available with other services such as roadside assistance and a full history report. Come learn more today at Vickar Nissan!


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