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We Are So Proud!

We Are So Proud!


Being part of the 1001 Donations Event put on by the Winnipeg Humane Society has been an absolutely rewarding experience.

During the 1001 Donations Event this March, our hearts have been warmed by the stories of animals who, by the support and care of Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS), have a new lease on life. Every story has been a snapshot of the amount of good that WHS does in their work. When you see these animals and their transformation it is easy to believe in the goodness of people. Those people, who volunteer and support by donation or otherwise are truly contributing to the betterment of the Winnipeg community.
WHS relies on private and corporate donations to keep its doors open. That means that contributions are absolutely vital to the on goings of this non-profit organization. The 1001 Donations Event is one amazing time to support and raise money.
We are so proud to say that the goal of hitting $60,000 by March 28th has been reached, 2 days in advance! Currently the total now is $144,745 and counting. It couldn't have happened without generous people like you. This money will help WHS provide food, shelter, and medical care to over 10,000 animals annually. Many will still need help for the rest of the year, though we have without a doubt started 2020 with the right foot forward.
The Winnipeg Humane Society is the largest and longest running animal shelter and welfare organization in Manitoba. In 2019 over 6,000 animals came through their doors in need of a home. Their open-door policy to accept all animals regardless of age, health, or temperament, show just how much they have the capacity to care. Giving lost animals a place when they have nowhere else.
We here at the Vickar Automotive Group applaud their efforts. It was an honor to be the presenting sponsor to help all the good this organization does. As well as providing a place for supporting the health and wellbeing of little critters, the WHS offers dog obedience and puppy socialization classes, pet first aid, and more! With an Education Department visiting schools to teach responsible pet ownership, children/teen programming through spring and summer day camps, WHS provides elevated knowledge which comes full circle to assist owners in their noble pet owning days.
700 volunteers including 200 foster families help care for the animals every year, and we look forward to continue to support this wonderful group in all that they do in times to come. Thank you to everyone with parts big and small. The Vickar Automotive group wishes you the best.

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