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Time to Get Schooled

Time to Get Schooled

It’s that time of year, your kids have enjoyed the majority of their summer vacation (oh to be young again) and now it’s time to start thinking about their education. Just two weeks now, before they will have to be brought back and forth to school, and most likely… you will be driving them. So, to help you out, here are some tips for managing this exciting and sometimes hectic transitional period.

Get Your Supplies!

Unless you are one of those very keen and organized people you may have put itoff, but if there is any a time you should go, it’s yesterday… go get em’ as soon as possible because you know you are better off not picking up scraps the moment before it’s the first day back.

Keep Your Tank Full!

This one is a tip for your wallet because more driving around means more gas consumption. Why keep it half full? Because the more air can lead to an increase in evaporation. On top of that, make sure that you always get your gas cap on properly so none of that wonderful power liquid doesn’t escape!

(Bonus Tip: Buying your gas during cooler times helps prevent evaporation as well (such as the morning or evening), when it is warm, water reacts and goes up to the sky and just like that the same thing goes for gas. Which is also why the smell can be worse when filling during hotter times.)

Master Your Mornings!

If mornings become a whirlwind of breakfast, making lunches, getting things together, wishing you could sleep in (and the kids feeling the same way), getting shoes on, and coordinating at the door ready to rush out, you might want to try doing something different.

Have lunches made the day before
Don’t let the kids stay up late (and same goes for you!)
Get a car starter installed for climate control (this helps make the trip for you and the kids enjoyable so you can focus on sharing the time you have together, driving time is good bonding time!)
Keep it Constructive!

As a parent it’s easy to simply think that you know best, but that removes the room to acknowledge your kids own desires and ideas. Collaborating with them and asking them how things might work better for both of you without making assumptions might lead the way for things beyond what you can imagine alone!

There you have it, some simple things to try that can help making the back to school season just that much better! We at the Vickar automotive community care about you and wish you the best through any season! Thank you for reading.

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