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Nissan ProPilot: A New Way of Looking at Safety

Nissan ProPilot: A New Way of Looking at Safety

Along with efficiency, safety is probably the main area where automakers are trying to constantly improve their vehicles. Indeed, more and more vehicles are featuring impressive active safety systems designed to not only warn you of a possible accident, but prevent it as well when possible without driver intervention.

That’s exactly what Nissan wants to do with its all-new ProPilot system. Designed to keep you safe, it was introduced in Japan last year and features a host of abilities that not only make sure you avoid accidents, but also make sure that you are more comfortable and less tired after a long drive.

Nissan ProPilot: a system that keeps you in the right direction

Nissan ProPilot is designed to keep you headed in the right direction thanks to a forward-facing camera, forward-facing radar, a series of sensors, and an electronic control module that assimilates all the information and date received from the camera, radar, and sensors.

In real-world driving conditions, this means that ProPilot can detect the markings in the road in order to keep your vehicle in its lane with no driver intervention. In other words, you feel the steering wheel turning automatically in your hands when there is a curve in the road, for example.

By removing the need for adjustments and corrections, ProPilot improves not only your safety, but also your comfort all the while reducing fatigue.

Nissan ProPilot can also come to a complete stop when required

Another advantage of Nissan ProPilot is that the adaptive cruise control system now has the ability to come to a complete stop if needed. That means that it will make sure it keeps a predetermined distance with the vehicle ahead, but it will also be able to brake to a complete stop if there is sudden traffic, or if another vehicle suddenly appears in front of you.

With Nissan ProPilot, Nissan vehicles will be able to assist you out on the road, and be there for you should you be distracted. That leads to less fatigue, and better peace of mind. The new technology should make its way onto most Nissan models in the near future.

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