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Impressive Tech in Next Nissan Leaf

Impressive Tech in Next Nissan Leaf

The upcoming next-generation Nissan Leaf is one of the most highly-anticipated cars of 2018, and although we do not have too many details about it yet, we do know that it will feature an all-new technology called e-Pedal, a system that allows you to do most of your driving with only one pedal.

In other words, e-pedal allows you to accelerate and brake using only the accelerator. When you press down, obviously the car accelerates like any other traditional car. When you lift your foot from the accelerator, however, e-Pedal doesn’t just slow the vehicle down, it acts as a brake and stops the vehicle.

For Nissan, e-Pedal is just one more technology that adds value to its model lineup, and serves as a milestone in its mission to offer consumers advanced driver assistance technologies and systems on a wider range of models.

As for the Nissan Leaf, it is considered the pioneer of EVs in Canada, and more than 277 000 units have been sold worldwide since it launched six years ago. The next generation is expected sometime next year, and will offer more range, more features, and more advanced and exclusive technologies like e-Pedal.

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