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2017 Nissan Titan Power Mixed with Refinement

2017 Nissan Titan Power Mixed with Refinement

The new 2017 Nissan Titan unveiled last year is like no other truck on the market and in its segment. It borders the line between a 1500 series truck and a 2500 model. It is more robust and powerful than the majority of its rivals, with better loading and towing capacity and much larger dimensions. In return, it excels in daily driving situations and presents a level of comfort that is very difficult to beat.

A very powerful engine for the 2017 Nissan Titan

The 2017 Nissan Titan comes in several versions, including the XD model. We will keep this truck for another review in order to focus on the 2017 Titan, one of the only pickup trucks in its segment to be powered by a V8 engine from the get-go. .

The V8 in question develops 390 horsepower and 394 lb-ft of torque, and is paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission with towing mode. Equipped with this, the new Titan is able to tow up to 9,770 pounds (4,433 kilos) while its maximum payload is 1,940 pounds or 882 pounds. The 2017 Titan is available in single cab or double cab versions.

2017 Nissan Titan: marriage of ruggedness and luxury

Perhaps the most amazing element of the new 2017 Nissan Titan is its road behavior. Indeed, it has been praised for its power and capabilities, but it is on the road that it really shines compared to the competition.

With its comfortable and quiet handling, the Titan is also easy to drive despite its dimensions. It is also crammed with safety, connectivity and comfort technologies.

We find in the various versions of the Titan leather seats, 20-inch alloy wheels, automatic collision alert, stolen vehicle tracking, ventilated seats, an AroundView monitor and a lot more.

So it's no surprise that the reputed MotorTrend named the new 2017 Nissan Titan its truck of the year just a few months ago. And finally, the Titan offers the best truck limited warranty in Canada, 5 years or 160,000 kilometers!

Come and discover the all-new 2017 Nissan Titan and all it has to offer today at Vickar Nissan.

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