Vickar Nissan

1424 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2C 3A8
Sales: 1 844 319-3643
After-Sale Services: 1 844 319-3644
Parts & Accessories: 1 844 319-3645

Really Good Buying Experience

Super friendly service from everyone! The guy going over the car when we picked it up was very thorough. And our sales rep and financier were awesome, and not super aggressive when we didn't want something. Let us know about the products, why we might want them and why we maybe should get them, but were respectful when we made the decision not to take something. Nothing discourages me from buying faster than overly pushy salespeople.

Every time we went in someone asked if we needed help within a few minutes, but we weren't "swarmed". Really good buying experience. Hopefully the maintenance experience is just as good!